The universe may be sending you a season of rest and reconnection. Learn to listen and move away from feeling like this time NEEDS to be productive.

Mar 25, 2020

A Universal Shakedown

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Being vs. Doing

Here’s the thing…I am all about checklists and to-dos.

I’m about seizing the day and taking advantage of the time I have.

Clearly, right? I’ve been sharing tips and tricks about how to have fun at home, crush home workouts and other favorites to keep you occupied and high spirits during this crazy (surreal!) time.

I’m about learning new things, trying new projects and doing, doing, doing.

But we are human beings, not human doings.

And, the more I think about it and the farther we get into this thing, the more I realize that the onslaught of “here is how to be productive right now” can, in some cases, be destructive.

It can be more hurtful than helpful.

The Get Sh*t Done Conundrum

Although sometimes we do have to put on our big girl pants and get sh*t done, we also need to learn to recognize when we’re using productivity as an excuse to create more life-noise to drown out much-needed silence and rest.

Sometimes, we need to take a step back, slow down and listen to what the universe is trying to tell us.

We’re in the midst of a universal shakedown.

Things are changing radically, from one day to the next and it is really hard to know what to expect tomorrow let alone next week.

During a time filled with so much fear, uncertainty and unknowing, it is tempting to jump into action and try to fill our days with projects or feel like we HAVE to be using this time to be productive.

“Learn a new language”
“Deep clean your house”
“Take an online class”
“Become a 5-star chef”
“Finally start your novel”

You name it and someone is telling you that you need to do it yesterday.

It is common to cling to action because it is way easier to fill our time with STUFF than to sit and just BE with ourselves.

Although action may work well for some people, insisting that this time NEEDS to be spent productively can leave others feeling like they’re even MORE out of the game, “doing it wrong” or not “taking advantage” of this time.

Flip the Script

What if we flipped the script and shifted our expectations?

What if instead of feeling like we NEED to use this time to get ahead and put ourselves out there, we used to look inward?

I find that the universe tends to send us what we need when we need it if we’re open and grounded enough to listen and receive the message.

So, this is your reminder that it is okay to feel overwhelmed and it is okay to use this as a season of rest.

It is okay to be scared and it is okay to respond to that with quiet instead of constant busy action.

It is okay to rest.

It is okay to put on a movie with your kids (or your dog), pop some popcorn and hunker down together.

It is okay to build forts and play.

It is okay to NOT use this time to learn a new skill, pick up a new hobby or clean your house from top to bottom.

You can if that is truly what you’re called to do, what fills your cup and what lights you up right now.

But for many, being told to be productive with this time adds more pressure and stress.

I don’t know about you but those are two things I just don’t need more of right now.

Be okay with quiet.

Be okay with genuine connection.

I know quiet and introspection can be scary but if that is how you feel, that likely means you need more of it.

Now What?

If your first reaction (like mine was!) is to solve the problem and fill the space with more to-do’s, try taking a step back and breathe into that space instead. Here are a few things I’m doing to SLOW DOWN instead of speed up:

  • Letting go of expectations surrounding my training right now. Some movement is better than no movement.
  • Going for longer brain break walks in the middle of the day to really connect with my breath and get out in the sunshine. I’ve stopped listening to podcasts during this time and, instead, listen to my footfalls.
  • Falling back in love with yoga, intentional breathing and bringing mindfulness into everyday activities.
  • Getting in bed a bit earlier and reading (trashy novels!) a bit more.
  • Playing with my dog, talking to my fiance and reconnecting with friends I haven’t talked to in a while.

Staying moving, staying focused on your goals and staying grounded in what makes you feel best is important.

I’m just asking you to try this on for size and see if it fits:

Use this as a chance to get to know yourself and to reconnect with the people and things that REALLY matter to you.

The universe may be sending you a season of rest.

It may be sending you a season of new beginnings, reframing of old mindsets and a chance to start something new after reconnecting with what is REALLY on your heart.



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