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...Kinda a mouthful to say and a handful to type. I know. But, I couldn't help myself.

My favorite part of any is the taxi story from the 2010 film Happythankyoumoreplease. Have you seen it? If not (don't worry, most people haven't...) here is the gist:

The main character tells the story of a past experience in a NYC cab. The driver starts chatting and gets going about how bliss is our birthright and the key to experiencing this bliss is through gratitude. When she asks him how to show gratitude, he answers that it is simple. All she has to do is say "thank you". She then asks when to say thank you. He says "All the time. Like, right now." 

Okay, great. So, we should say thank you more often. Sounds like something your mom (tried?) to teach you when you were little. But, the taxi driver continues and this is the part I LOVE. He tells her that after you say "thank you" you should say, "more please." This is what shows the universe that you are truly grateful. Thus, "thank you, more please" becomes her mantra. 

This is something that stuck with me and has become the basis for how I live my life every single day. Actively practicing gratitude makes me more aware of the beautiful things going on around me. And, not being afraid to ask for more from both myself and from others has proven time and time again that the universe is eternally abundant. 

 "Health" and all it encompasses (physical and emotional) is a cornerstone of my life and the more I chase the things that bring overall health into my life, the more those things naturally find me. 

                 Lazy girl recipes, fitness and nutrition inspiration, Trader Joe's finds and general health tips.

                          All the things I'm grateful for. Think relationship learnings, mindset tips, Friday Favorites, dog (and one day REAL) parenting and (slowly) becoming a real life, responsible adult. 

                                  Downloads, ebooks, blogging, book lists and the who's who of my life (since I'll mention them on the reg)! 


Instead of happythankyoumoreplease, my life mantra has become healthythankyoumoreplease.


This blog is INSPIRED BY those three categories:

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