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May 29, 2020

Friday Favorites #29: Back on the Water

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HAPPY FRIDAY!! This was such a refreshing week full of long walks in the sunshine, time on the water and forms of hydration that are only possible when it is 75+ and sunny!

I hope you had a good one too and I can’t wait to share the things that brought a little extra joy into my life this week so you can try, buy, watch or sip ’em!

1. Sun Tea

Bring on the sun! I put the 90+ and sunny days to good use and made some sun tea!

Recipe? Pick your favorite tea (I usually go with caffeinated so I can drink it whenevs and don’t have to worry about when a sun tea craving comes on) throw a whole buncha tea bags in a big pitcher or mason jars, fill it them warm water and stick it out in the sunshine with plastic wrap over the top. The sun will do the same! The warmer it is, the faster the tea will seep and from there, you can pour over ice and enjoy!

If you like sweeter tea, you can throw a few stevia packets in with the tea bags to dissolve in the warm water. I’ve been SUPER into Stash Rasberry Hibiscus recently so if you’re new to sun tea, start there 😉

2. Skunk Soap

Two weeks ago, Lincs got sprayed by a skunk. I’m honestly surprised we got two+ years into his high energy, overly curious life without a run-in with a skunk and I’m sure this will not be our last experience.

After a panicked “GET HOME NOW” call to Sam, a few different Google variations of “what do I do if my dog gets sprayed by a skunk” searches, three shampoo baths, two hydrogen peroxide/baking soda/dish soap bath combos, and still no luck getting rid of the smell AT ALL, I was the hottest dog mom mess.

Like… what am I supposed to do with a dog that smells like the literal worst thing in the entire world?

If you’ve ever been around a skunk RIGHT when it sprays you know what I’m talking about. It smells NOTHING like the “far away skunk smell” we all recognize. It smells like a giant rotten onion. I honestly didn’t even realize he had gotten sprayed because I was so shocked by how much it DIDN’T smell like a skunk.

As a last-ditch effort, I headed to Tractor Supply to see if they had something that may help. Enter: Skunk soap! When I saw this on the shelves I thought “this probably won’t work but hey, money-back guarantee and I have no other options”. But, MAN this stuff works! SO, I’m planning on keeping a full bottle of this stocked at home (since we ALL know this is not the last time our trouble maker is going to have a run-in with a black and white friend) and if you’re ever in a pinch, I 10/10 recommend.

3. Dead to Me

Season two of Dead to Me is back on Netflix!

You’re probably thinking (after last week’s post about a DIFFERENT show) “wow, she watches a LOT of TV” but I swear these are all 20-30 min episodes and I tend to watch a million TV shows in a row. I’m not super picky and never know what I’ll be in the mood for.

Anywho… Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini are back and (darkly) funny as ever.

It is a quick and easy one to catch up on if you’re new to the show or crush through when you just need some veg time on the couch.

4. Paddle Boards

We finally got back out on the boards last weekend and it was GLORIOUS! Even though we don’t use them NEARLY as much as we should (I think the words “we need to use these more next year!” comes out of our mouths at the end of EVERY summer) paddle boards are hands down one of the best investments we’ve ever made.

In my head, it takes a lot of work to load them up on Sam’s truck, lug ’em to a launch spot and then load them BACK on the truck and then hose them down before putting them away (okay, let’s be honest, we usually skip that last part) but every time we go through the motions it is just SO quick and easy.

We started nice and early this year so I’m hoping that we can keep it up! We already have plans to go again this weekend and with so many newly free weekends this summer, we’re DEFINITELY going to make it happen!

5. Hero WODs

Although my gym is open for outdoor business (aka – we did this one out in the sunshine!), if you’re someone who is still limited to home workouts I’m sending you TONS of positive vibes and this week’s Hero Workout can be done right from your home! Check it out…

Buy-in: 1000m run

23 Air Squats
7 Burpees
14 Push-ups

Cash-out: 1000m run

*As per usual, the workouts and ideas I share are aimed to provide inspiration and ideas but may not be right for you and shouldn’t be considered a program in any way.  Make sure to consult your doctor or a qualified professional if and when necessary.

Have a great weekend!



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