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May 22, 2020

Friday Favorites #28: Prime, Popovers & Pull-ups

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Happy Friday! It was 70+ and sunny EVERY day this week which means I was on Cloud 9! I find that when I’m ALREADY in a great mood, it is a million and a half times easier to think of favorites so this list could have gone on forever.

But, in the interest of saving some things for later and getting back out into the sunshine, here are the 5 things that made my week even BETTER so you can try ’em, buy ’em, eat ’em or read ’em!

1. Curlsmith

Calling all my curly-haired girlies out there. I finally found a product I LOVE and it is long overdue. Okay to be fair – until about a year ago, I hadn’t really tried that hard and relied on curling and straightening my hair to keep it under control… so I guess I can’t complain too much about being late to the game.

I assumed that most people who had curly/wavy hair that DIDN’T go absolutely crazy after a shower were just #blessed and I was doomed to look like Spot from The Good Dinosaur forever and ever amen. Newsflash: most people (not all – so if you are #blessed, go you!) put a little somethin’ in their curls to help ’em out.

Enter: Curlsmith! I’ve been using their Hold Me Softly Style Balm that keeps my hair less hot mess afro and more effortless beach wave. I also bought their Hydro Creme Soothing Mask to use every once in a while to bring my straightener-fried hair back to life and it has worked like a charm!

2. Untamed

I mean, if the cover of this book doesn’t say “READ ME NOW I’M AWESOME” I don’t know what kind of book cover could.

Much like Shauna Niequist’s Present Over Perfect, Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic, or literally anything written by Brene Brown, Untamed by Glennon Doyle is another book that will HAVE to go on my list of books I come back to and reread once a year.

I have a feeling it is going to be another “you get exactly what you need to hear when you need to hear it” kinda books. You know what I mean… the books that you read differently every time you pick them up because you read your current self into them.

I have loved every WORD of this book so far and like Elizabeth Gilbert says on the back of the (gorgeous, colorful, sparkly) cover, “Untamed will liberate women – emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I believe Glennon was born to write this book, just this way, at just this moment in history. It is phenomenal.”

3. Sourdough Popovers

I’m pretty sure “I’d eat popovers as every meal for the rest of my life” has come out of my mouth at least a thousand times this week.

A few weeks ago, I shared a recipe for Sourdough Crumpets that I’ve been cookin’ up to use the discards from my Sunday sourdough bread baking. Even though I keep my starter in the fridge and only feed it for a few days before baking with it (instead of EVERY day if I were to keep it at room temp), I still felt SO bad about throwing away the discards and a girl (and her fiance) can only eat so many crumpets.

So, I decided to switch it up and play with another (SUPER easy) recipe from King Arthur’s discard recipe section, and OMG I #cantstopwontstop eating at least one popover a day. THEY ARE AMAZING. We’ve been throwing them on the grill, in the toaster, or right in the oven (if we’re already cookin’ something in there) to warm them up and then enjoying with dinner. I’m pretty sure Sam eats one for breakfast every morning too… I guess they’re a hit.

If you’re a sourdough baker too (I feel like I’m allowed to call myself that yet but hey – I’m baking sourdough so…) and want to give them a try, you can find the recipe here!

4. Upload

Need a new show?

Upload on Amazon Prime is AMAZING! If you are a fan of The Office or Parks and Rec and/or, if you couldn’t get enough of The Good Place, this is for you.

Sam and I flew through the ten episodes in Season One in no time and I’m already counting down the days (hypothetically – the Season 2 release date has been set yet and it sounds like it won’t be until 2021) until it starts back up again.

The show centers in a future where consciousness can be uploaded to an “afterlife” when you die or, at any time you decide during your life that you’d rather “upload”. Depending on wealth, some people have swanky “unlimited data” places to stay and others pay for lower-gig services. It is funny, clever, makes you think and there is some solid mystery sprinkled in there. 10/10 recommend for your next TV show binge.

5. This Week’s Workout

Here is my favorite workout from the week so you can sweat it out if you need some inspiration! We did it with pull-ups but if you don’t have a bar at home, push-ups are a quick and easy sub!

5 Rounds
20 pull-ups
20 sit-ups
200 meter run

5 Rounds
20 push-ups
20 sit-ups
200 meter run

*As per usual, the workouts and ideas I share are aimed to provide inspiration and ideas but may not be right for you and shouldn’t be considered a program in any way.  Make sure to consult your doctor or a qualified professional if and when necessary.

Have a great weekend!



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