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May 15, 2020

Friday Favorites #26 & 27: A Week Off

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Guys, I literally don’t know what happened!

It was a Sunday, I was lying on the couch with my computer in my lap and a sleepy pup with his head on my shoulder and I realized that I never wrote a Friday Favorites post for the week. I blame favorites #1 and #2 (see below!) in the best way possible.

Then, I decided you know what? I’m going to take a big breather for a week and take Fri/Monday off from posting and get back to it NEXT Friday. So, here we are!

1. Virtual Trivia Night

Group Zoom + screen share + Google Slides + high school friends = Another fun way to connect during isolation lock-down!

A friend from high school decided to recreate one of our everyone-is-home-from-college traditions and organized a virtual trivia night. Four themed rounds, 10-15 questions per round, and so much fun! If you want to try it with your friends here is what works for us

  1. Rotate who “hosts” each night
  2. Whoever is hosting creates a powerpoint presentation with multiple choice or short answer questions.
  3. They read each question in a round and everyone writes down their answers. At the end of each round, everyone sends a picture of their answer to the host who is in charge of scorekeeping.
  4. Make sure to go over the correct answers with everyone – it is more fun this way! So the powerpoint slides follow a pattern like this:
    ~ Round 1
    ~ Round 2
    ~ Answers to round 1
    ~ Round 3
    ~ Answers to round 2 + score update
    ~ Round 4
    ~ Answers to round 3
    ~ Answers to round 4 + final score update!

Some round themes that have been a hit so far are miscellaneous, VT (or your state!) history, “name that song” (listen to a clip of a song and write the title and artist), “my favorite movies” (see a picture from a movie and name the movie and character name) and any kind of “about me” which you can imagine gets pretty funny!

2. AllTrails App

My first “official” hike of 2020 is in the books after spending a few hours last Friday afternoon exploring the Hinesburg Town Forest Trails. These trails are a mountain bikers DREAM. So many windy ins and outs… it would be really easy to get lost up there. Which we did…

BUT, we found our way back to the parking lot and our cars EVENTUALLY thanks to the AllTrails App. Honestly, I’m surprised (and slightly embarrassed) that I’m late to this app game because I LOVE hiking and something like this would have come in handy a million and a half times in my past. But, you can use this app to search for different paths/trailheads in your area and make sure you at least kind of know where you’re going! You can add favorites, track where other friends are, read and leave reviews of trails, and more. I can’t wait to keep putting it to good use this summer.

3. Finished Hallways

If you’ve ever bought and renovated a house, you know how easy it is to get 98% of the way through and then feel like you need to “take a break” before starting the home stretch. You basically convince yourself that because you only have a few things left to do, you’ll DEFINITELY get to it once you rest for a second. You tell yourself your break will only last a few days… A week tops.

Then, two years later you still have that dang hallway that you shoulda just finished when you had the paint out, the flooring handy, and while the momentum was still at least SOMEWHAT high.

You know when you THINK about an email you need to send for like… a week and it takes a ton of mental energy sitting on your “to-do” list but then when you actually DO it, it takes 2 minutes and you’re like “I shoulda just sent that and not wasted all that brain power?”.

This was the exact same thing – that unfinished hallway was sitting on our brains, taking up unnecessary mental time and energy even though it was a project we could mostly knock out in less than a day.

Well, after yours truly did a DEEP spring house cleaning on Saturday, Sam pulled out the flooring and picked up the paintbrush to finish up that LAST “big” house project. It is funny how much more our house feels like a home after a few hours of work.

4. The Bronze Horseman

I couldn’t put this book down and read all 810 pages in under a week – and nope… I didn’t skim ONCE! Set in Leningrad just before Hitler’s army attacks Russia, this story follows Tatiana Metanova as she meets Alexander, an officer in the Red Army. Think, Dr. Zhivago meets a slightly lower-key and MUCH more well-written 50 Shades of Gray (sorry to any E.L. James lovers out there). I loved learning so much about Russian history WHILE following along with a solid, gripping, twisty-turny love story.

I took a small break to quickly devour The Hunting Party (10/10 recommend) before diving into Book #2 of Paullina Simons trilogy and because I finished up Lucy Foley’s murder mystery last night, I’m starting Tatiana and Alexander (creative name, I know) today.

For other favorites and for my complete 2020 reading list so far, check out the Books and BLOGcast section of healthythankyoumoreplease!

5. Saturday Morning Partner WODs

Grab a bike and a partner and knock this one out!

For Time
50 calorie bike (total – one partner works, one rests)
50 weighted sit-ups (each – both partners work at the same time)
50 burpees (total – one partner works, one rests)
50 dumbbell push-presses (each – both partners work at the same time)
50 burpees (total – one partner works, one rests)
50 dumbbell side-bends (each – both partners work at the same time)
50 calorie bike (total – one partner works, one rests)

*As per usual, the workouts and ideas I share are aimed to provide inspiration and ideas but may not be right for you and shouldn’t be considered a program in any way.  Make sure to consult your doctor or a qualified professional if and when necessary.

There you have it! I hope you have a great weekend:)



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