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May 1, 2020

Friday Favorites #25: Monthly Moreplease

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It is the FIRST DAY of May! It is a little rainy here in VT but I’ll take it on a Friday since it is supposed to be 65 and sunny tomorrow. The plan? Lots of deck time with my new book. Jury is still out as to whether it will make Friday Favorites NEXT week but I bet it will;)

As usual, here are the things that made my week just a little better and brighter so you can try ’em, buy ’em, eat ’em or write it out!

Monthly Check-ins

Here is the EXACT monthly check-in I do every month. You’ll notice that it is SUPER sweet and simple. This is intentional. I know myself and if I made it too long and intensive, I’d avoid it like the plague.

I love it because it still hits the big stuff:

  • Focus on something that brought you joy
  • Celebrate an accomplishment
  • Identify something you can learn from
  • Release what is no longer working (and move forward in kindness)
  • Ask the universe for what you want more of (aka – moreplease)

It also leaves a SMALL amount of space to actually write. Aka – you gotta cut right to the good stuff;)

You’re welcome to download it HERE and fill it out. If you do, I’d love for you to share it with me so I can see what you’re getting up to this month.

Love Beauty and Planet Lotion

I’m on a healthy-beauty-products-that-don’t-break-the-bank-and-also-don’t-get-TOO-crazy-with-it-or-it-becomes-stressful-and-stress-is-likely-just-as-‘unhealthy’-as-parabens kick lately.

I was in the market for some new body lotion and decided to give Love Beauty and Planet a try. I grabbed the coconut water & mimosa flower flavor (yes, I refer to scents as flavors) and it is AMAZING. I love that they’re super transparent about ingredients and fragrant stories (since that is usually where they getcha) and my skin felt SO soft after using it.

I’m the WORST about putting on body lotion so finding one I love is important. This increases the likelihood that I’ll actually use it.

iPhone Timer Settings

Okay I KNOW I am late to this party but for some reason, I had never used the “timer” function on my iPhone until this week. I can’t even really tell ya what made me do it but MAN that thing is the game-changer.

My favorite part? Even when you aren’t in the clock app, you can see the remaining time on your home screen.

I’ve been mostly using it for workouts and baking sourdough (aka – remembering to fold my dough every hour on the hour for 5 hours on Sunday) but I’ve also used it for other random things like:

  • Timing the laundry. Sure, I can use the buzzer but now I don’t jump out of my skin when it goes off. I’m READY.
  • Making sure to brush my teeth for at least 2 minutes
  • Eating more slowly. I set my timer for 10 minutes at lunch and try to drag my salad out for the wholeeeee time.

I know, it sounds like such a weird favorite but I promised to share the things that I REALLY loved and this is for real. Plus, who doesn’t love the little things? They definitely add up.

Sourdough Crumpets

Speaking of using my timer for sourdough, since I started baking I’ve been loving the challenge. It is truly a science and I definitely a brand new appreciation for it. Each one gets a little bit better and more successful and I am SO PROUD when it comes out well.

The only thing that has really been bugging me through the “keeping my starter alive” process is the amount of flour I used to throw away.

Enter: King Arthur Flour’s Sourdough Discard Recipes.

Sourdough crumpets are SUPER easy and are kind of a combination between a pancake and an English muffin. Eat them plain, top ’em with maple syrup, or my favorite: Trader Joe’s Reduced Sugar Jelly. This week, I’m going to make a BUNCH and throw em’ in the freezer so Sam can put them in the toaster in the morning.

Vanilla Almond Butter

We have a bit of a food theme going.

You can get Sam’s Choice Vanilla Almond Butter right at Walmart (aka – instant gratification) and while you’re there, grab a Cashew Butter too because it is also bomb

The best part? It isn’t $14 dollars a pop like the fancy brands out there and it is absolutely delish.

I love eating nut butter on top of my yogurt and berries or on top of maple cheerios mixed into cottage cheese. Don’t knock it till you try it;)

There you have it…This week’s favorites.

If you give anything a shot, let me know! Share some of the things that you were lovin’ this week with me in the comments below so I can give ’em a shot! Spread the love, you know?



  1. Jennnnnn says:

    Another neat trick is to now involve Siri with your timer. “hey Siri, five minutes” 😀
    Super handy when your hands are covered in bread dough 😉

    • Ali Carey says:

      AHH I love this! I honestly turned Siri off because she is always popping up when I didn’t call for her haha. So, I should totally play around with this cause I’m sure having her around when you DO need her is a game changer;)

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