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Apr 24, 2020

Friday Favorites #24: Sounder, Shelburne & Spotify

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Soundcloud just wasn’t doin’ it anymore for me when it came to hosting the audio for the healthythankyoumoreplease BLOGcast. Is that the podcast lingo? “Hosting audio”? I’m honestly not sure (read: continuing to fake it till I make it on the whole BLOGcast thing).

Here is how it works: When you want to get a podcast on iTunes (or Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts etc…) you need to…

  1. Record it SOMEWHERE (I’m using Garage Band)
  2. Upload that recording to an intermediate host that you then LINK to iTunes.

There are many intermediate options. Soundcloud is a popular choice but after 180 free minutes of uploads, they require you to upgrade and pay which I wasn’t quite ready to do.

Enter: a deep dive to see if I could find another hosting site and luckily, finding Sounder.

Founded in 2019, Sounder is new on the podcast scene and the ONLY reason I could tell this from the get-go is because they CARE. They were extremely helpful and responsive when I reached out with a few questions. They also spent time exploring the HTYMP site and even listened to an episode of the BLOGcast and reached out to me on Instagram about how much they enjoyed it.

If they asked me to pay – I’d do it. Luckily, their hosting is completely free and I find the interface much more userfriendly than any other I’ve used or explored. Win, win, win all around and I’m a happy, BLOGcasting camper over here.

Shelburne Farms

Days can definitely blend together during isolation and depending on what your week is lookin’ like right now, weekdays may blur with weekends and before you know it, you’re wearing your Tuesday underwear on Saturday.

Okay in all seriousness, my weekday has still been pretty packed with work so I definitely know when Saturday rolls around but this past Saturday was ESPECIALLY amazing.

After crushing a quick basement workout with Sam, I drove about 40 minutes to the town I grew up in to take a nice long walk with my mom, dad, and brother.

First, this was the first time I’ve been in the car for more than a five-minute trip to the grocery store in more than a month! Driving, listening to Binge Mode Harry Potter (YES, I’m still listening to it!) and just doing something “normal” felt SO good.

Add gorgeous Shelburne, VT views, fresh warm(ish) air, catching up with my family, and then another Social Distancing Bonfire at night and it was the recipe for the perfect Saturday.

Mood Booster

New Spotify playlist obsession: Mood Booster!

It took me a LONG time to get on the Spotify train. I was OBSESSED with perfecting my iTunes playlists and “YouTube to Mp3-ing” anything catchy on the radio. But, if someone can do the hard work of finding fun songs and putting them all on a giant playlist for you (and save you hours of copying and pasting YouTube links into an Mp3 converter) WHY NOT!

We’ve been throwing on in the basement during our strength sessions (a bit tougher for the high-intensity stuff, though!) and I’ve been playing it around the house while I clean, fold laundry and do work.

If you’re like me, music can directly impact your mood. During a time when we all could use a little more joy in our lives, this playlist has been a fav!


An interesting thing about being proficient in one sport is that it gives you the awareness to know when you’re not at all proficient in another.

In college, Sam’s dad gave him a heavy bag that has been hanging in our basement for over a year. Last Christmas, Sam got us boxing gloves and although his have gotten nice and broken in, mine have gotten very little use. That changed this week!

As we get older, it isn’t necessarily that we have fewer chances to try something new but we definitely take fewer chances. Why? Because being a beginner is hard! It can be uncomfortable, awkward, and frustrating. But, it is also infinitely rewarding – even if you’re a beginner at something you don’t necessarily want or need to be GREAT at.

Putting yourself out there to pick up a new skill or hobby can feel like a BIG DEAL. You’re already in your rhythms, you have the comfortable things you’re already good at or know a lot about on lock.

Plus, the idea of spending all that time learning to do something new is daunting – especially as you have less and less time left and you already know where each minute and hour of your day is typically spent.

Why rock the boat?

BECAUSE IT IS SO GOOD FOR YOUR MIND AND BODY. Learning new skills – physical or not – as we get older keeps our minds and bodies healthy, exploring new things, pushing new limits and proving to yourself that you can still learn something new is so important.

Moral of the story: I’m a pretty awful boxer and I KNOW I’m a pretty awful boxer but that is okay;) It is fun and humbling to be a beginner at something and to show up anyway to learn a teeny bit more each day.

Now What?

  1. Do something fun this weekend – plan something that breaks up the days that tend to blend together and call your fam if you haven’t seen or talked to them in a while.
  2. Try something new! A new type of workout, a new recipe, a new hobby or skill… challenge yourself and have FUN with it!

Have a great weekend!



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