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Apr 17, 2020

Friday Favorites #23: Birthday Bonfires

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As tough as isolation has been, it has opened my eyes to a lot of new things.

Whether it is a new passion or a reinforced value the focus on grace, space, and connection right now has created an opportunity for all of us to get to know ourselves better…even if it is just a little bit better.

If you’re like me, the idea of “going back to normal” is really exciting (and much needed) but also a bit nervewracking.

What happens when routine kicks back in? Will we still make time for that random facetime call to our friend? That morning yoga session? That group text with our family? I hope so…

One of the biggest things I’m going to take away from this is that I do have time for connection with myself and others that I didn’t THINK I had time for pre-isolation.

I’ve worked from home for years so my day-to-day honestly hasn’t shifted much. But, with generally higher stress levels and a hyper-focus on connection and self-care, these things have still become vitally important to my day and my overall health.

Speaking of overall health during isolation, here are some of the things that have been gettin’ me through! Enjoy:)

Social Distancing B-days

Sam turned twenty-eight on Saturday and we celebrated with leftover wedding-tasting cupcakes, pulled pork nachos and hanging out (eight feet away) from parents and friends around a big bonfire.

This was such a great way to differentiate his special day from ALL the other isolation weekends we’ve had so far. When you can’t leave the house, what better way is there to celebrate his most recent trip around the sun by burning all the scrap wood we’ve had lying around since our home renovation? If you ask Sam, there was likely NO better way.

I know a bonfire isn’t that creative, but ANYTHING that switches things up right now can be rejuvenating and help you reconnect with the people you love. Game night with your friends over Zoom, dressing up for a fancy homemade dinner, creating your own backyard restaurant (complete with lighting, tablecloth, and candles), picking out a family flick and making a mini movie theater… you name it!

Wayfair Coffee Tables

I’ve been workin’ with the same glass-topped-zero-storage-rickety-cause-I-insist-on-putting-my-feet-up-even-though-its-clearly-broken coffee table since graduating from college and it was finally getting to the point where we needed to suck it up and invest in a new one.

Plus, the glass top – as cool in theory as that is – was a PAIN to keep clean. Read: it isn’t any harder than any other coffee table but you can SEE every spec of dirt and coffee ring;)

We’ve gotten to the point in our home where I have to ask Sam, “Should you build this or should we buy it on Wayfair?” In the case of a MUCH needed new coffee table, the answer was “WAYFAIR!”

The best part about the table we found? It has TONS of storage and when I’m in the mood to work from the couch (let’s be honest, we all have those days) the top raises and can become a desk!

It is pretty perfect, it was on sale, we got it within 3 days of ordering and we’re the happiest coffee table campers.

alo moves

Sick of me talking about how much I’ve been loving yoga yet? I hope not;)

Although I’ve been doing my best to tune into live classes from my favorite local teachers, sometimes they don’t fit into my schedule. alo moves has been a yoga-saver.

This online platform lets you choose things like…

  • What kinds of classes to take: yoga, fitness, mindfulness or “skill” (handstands, arm balances, flexibility etc.)
  • Experience level in: yoga, mindfulness and skill
  • Goals: increase flexibility, improve skills, reduce stress, try something new etc.
  • Favorite teaching styles: motivating, inspiring, informational etc.

And more! As you find classes you like, you can add them to your practice and revisit them whenever you want to. I’ve been LOVING it so far.

Ninth House

My newest read from Leigh Bardugo is already blowing me away!

I ordered Ninth House after seeing it on one of the hundred booklover accounts I follow on Instagram – where I currently find 99% of my new reads.

I LOVE reading the Author bios in the back of books because you’re always bound to learn something interesting. And, upon ordering Ninth House, I didn’t realize that she had also written the YA novel, Six of Crows, that I read and loved four years ago.

Ninth House is her first adult novel and centers around Alex Stern, a high-school drop out who is offered free admission to Yale in exchange for “monitoring the activities of Yale’s secret societies”. A ton of history, mystery and a little bit of magic? Literally what else could I want and need right now?

I’m also pretty pumped that this brought her other novels back on my radar. In other words, I’ll be pressing “publish” and scampering right to my bookcase to find Six of Crows so I can put it on my reread list. The second in the trilogy came out in 2016… and I still haven’t read it! Guess I’m heading back to Amazon…



  1. G Lu says:

    Hi, Ali,
    That bonfire picture is a real winner. So correct in social distancing it’s kind of funny!! Certainly a sign of these times.

    • Ali Carey says:

      AHH I hope so <3 In the meantime, finding ways to make each day a little special so they don't keep blending into each other.

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