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Apr 3, 2020

Friday Favorites #21: Sunrises and Stress Levels

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Happy Friday!

Can Friday Favorites be a Friday Favorite? I’m thinking probably if I had thought of it sooner but TBH, I write the intros for these posts AFTER listing my favs and telling you a bit more about why they played a positive role in my week.

If I could (I mean I could…but at this point, I don’t feel like it), I would go back and make “Friday Favorites” a favorite this week because at FIRST when I sat down to write this post, I was having trouble thinking of my favs from the week. Usually, I jot them down as I go but clearly that routine flew out the window this week.

But, having a place each week where I can come and reflect on what I am grateful for and what brought me joy is such a gift, especially on weeks that FEEL like not much out of the ordinary happened.

This is a place where the ordinary becomes extraordinary simply by acknowledging it, putting it to (somewhat) coherent thoughts and sharing it. So on the days when I ask myself “is anyone even reading these?” I remind myself that at the end of the day, this is probably MORE helpful for me than it is for you.

Either way, if you’re here reading this, THANK YOU. I don’t think I’ve said that in a while but I think it every day, with every post and every time one of you reaches out <3

I hope you enjoy!

Marco Polo

I think I might be late to the game on this one but if you’re like me and live under a rock (apparently), Marco Polo will change your #socialdistancing life.

Think text messaging (one-on-one OR in a group!) but with quick voices/videos instead of typing. So, a lazy girl’s dream. I literally feel like my friends are next to me on the couch, on my walk, doin’ laundry or hanging around the house with me. You can watch friends LIVE (so it feels like FaceTiming) or you can come back to it later and watch when you’re ready to reply.

Sometimes it is just nice to hear someone’s voice when you’re chatting while being able to do it on your own time (vs. being on a phone or video call) and I can tell you that after only a few days of having this on my phone, I’m already feeling more connected with my people!

Sunrise Yoga Flow

To be totally honest, my schedule hasn’t changed much with the COVID outbreak. I was already working from home and outside of shifting my workout schedule, day-to-day is pretty similar.

But, as everyone else has slowed down and as we’ve all brought focus to grounding and finding joy in each day there is something I am so grateful for and will continue to be ABUNDANTLY grateful for when this all ends. I’ve learned that I have more time in my day than I thought I did.

One thing I didn’t feel like I had enough time for pre-COVID was really easing into my morning and giving myself more than a few minutes before diving into my to-do list.

Overtime (and proving it to myself over and over and over again), I’ve learned that I “buy back” my minutes and hours with my mid-day brain break walk. I unplug, reconnect with myself and come back to my daily tasks with a fuller heart. I get things done more quickly and at a higher quality.

But, I hadn’t applied this same idea to other areas of my life.

Enter: sunrise yoga flow!

I’ve committed to doing SOME kind of yoga flow right when I wake up before getting into the rest of my day and it has been such a gift. Whether it is 15 minutes or 45, I take care of myself FIRST and that allows me to take care of OTHERS more effectively through my day.

Yellow Tadka Dal

Trader Joe’s does it again! This Indian dish has been a go-to in our house since it packs a flavor punch, it doesn’t need to be refrigerated before use (#quarantinewin) and it is a yummy way to literally spice up veggies before plopping a protein on top!

Plus it is quick and easy to make! Try..

  1. Heating up (frozen) veggies in a pan on your stove – I love frozen Kirkland Stir-Fry Veggies!
  2. As this heats, decide what kinda healthy carb source you want! Sam has been digging rice noodles recently and I usually eat mine over cauli rice for even more fiber and volume. Brown rice is also a great go-to with this dish
  3. Pick a protein! Use these protein tips & tricks to make sure you have something on hand.
  4. Once your veggies are heated through, add Tadka Dal and let it all heat up again together.
  5. Serve over your carb source with your protein source on top!


Also known as “correction fluid” on the bottle – if you were curious.

Okay, I know this one may seem silly but all my type-A peeps will totally relate to this (you know who you are).

All of the crossed-out dates and events in my planner were driving me UP A WALL and making my brain feel as scattered as my schedule looked. So, while everyone else was stalking Amazon to find out if the hand sanitizer was restocked yet, I was stocking up on white-out.

I have found SUCH a sense of peace and relief since taking the time to go through my planner and it really is these little things that add up to help us feel more peace in our current environment.

Weekly Workout

Alrighty, coming at you with my favorite home workout this week:

RX – For Time
DB Thrusters
DB Hang Power Cleans
DB Push-press

No Equipment – For Time
Jumping lunges (total)
BW renegade rows (each)

*As per usual, the workouts and ideas I share are aimed to provide inspiration and ideas but may not be right for you and ​shouldn’t be considered a program in any way.  Make sure to consult your doctor or a qualified professional if and when necessary.

Need more inspiration? Check out these other home workouts!

Now What?

Finding peace in your day-to-day goes beyond white-out… Did I just blow your mind?

I find that just like with my planner when my environment is cluttered, my brain feels the same way.

Dishes in the skink, junk mail I need to take a peek at (to make sure it’s really junk!) before chucking it, extra books lying around that haven’t made their way back into my office yet, Lincoln’s toys and old bones…you name it.

Taking 5 minutes every morning (or whenever I notice it) to declutter my environment takes a HUGE weight off of my chest and I bet if you think about it, there are things in YOUR life that cause you small, underlying currents of stress.

You may not even realize are taking up SO much energy and precious brainpower by the end of the day.

Here are some examples:

  • Clutter in your environment
  • Crossed out events in your planner
  • That little red number on your cellphone mail app (turn that off!)
  • The 2-minute phone call that you keep putting off and off and off
  • The clean laundry that has been your hamper all week begging to be folded (or put back in the drier for 20 min to get the wrinkles out and THEN folded…)

And SO much more! Identify something that may be causing your baseline stress level to stay higher than necessary and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT this week.



  1. Brenda Macy says:

    I read the title of this one as “Stress Levis” rather than “Stress Levels” (pre-coffee) and I flashed back to the joy I got when my softest Levis fit right. You never know the power of the written word and yours helped me re-focus like a new bottle of white out. Thanks Ali! Now I’m off to sign up for the 14-day wellness challenge. No more zombie life, time to take charge again! Happy Friday!!

    • Ali Carey says:

      AHHH soft levis could totally be a friday favorite:) I can’t wait to hear what you think about the Challenge <3

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