Actively practicing gratitude (especially while social distancing!) is the best way to attract what you truly want. Here are some things to try this week!

Mar 20, 2020

Friday Favorites #19: Social Distancing At Its Finest

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I’m sure the whole social distancing thing is basically all you think about right now so I’m not gonna harp on it.

That being said, if you’re like me Friday Favorites could not come at a better time. We all need a little bit more good in our lives right now.

When things feel uncertain, intentionally identifying…

a) what you can control
b) the beauty and positivity in your life RIGHT NOW

Goes a LONGGG way! So, I hope you give a few of these things a shot or try this week and they bring you some much-needed peace and joy! Drop a comment below with something you’re LOVING this week that are keepin’ ya sane. And, if you need more tips and tricks about what to do when you’re stuck in your house and social distancing, check out Wednesday’s post!

1. At-Home (aka – social distancing) Yoga

At home yoga is a great way to stay in shape while social distancing!

About a month ago, I started going to Slow Flow Yoga every Thursday and I was LOVING IT.

When social distancing began and it became increasingly obvious that going to the studio was a bad idea, I was really, really scared that I was going to lose my momentum. Momentum is the KEY to sticking with a habit so I needed a solution!

Yoga With Adriene has always been one of my favorite at-home YouTube channels to follow when I need to get my Om on but can’t make it to a class.

Even better? She has tons of 30-Day Yoga Series right on her website that are free and easy to follow along with. I started her “Dedicate” series yesterday and I can’t wait to do yoga EVERY day for a month.

This will be a yoga record for me and I’m trying to think about a bit more time at home as a chance to try something new! Silver linings, right?

2. Psych

Social distancing got you down? You can still connect with friends!

Guys, this takes social distancing AND having fun with your friends to a whole new level.

Psych is a game that you can play right from your phone (and your couch) with whichever friends are around and lookin’ for something to do – all they have to do is download the app.

Quick overview – the app asks a question about someone IN the game and everyone has to give the best answer. Then, everyone votes for their favorite. As you can imagine, this gets really funny, really fast. Especially if you’re playing with people you’ve known for a long time.

If you need more convincing, Ellen Degeneres made it up so you really can’t go wrong.

Pro tip: it is even MORE fun if you get a video call going at the same time so you can chat in the background

3. Veggie Soup

This veggie soup recipe from healthythankyoumoreplease is simple, quick, healthy and delicious!

If you’re feeling a bit stressed about food right now, you’re NOT alone. Scarcity mindset is evolutionary and it can feel VERY real during times of social distancing and grocery store panic.

And, if you’re someone who is focused on health and nutrition (maybe you’re even a macro counter like me!) it can be even more nervewracking.

That’s why I LOVE quick, easy, healthy and adaptable recipes like this one!

Enter: Veggie soup!

This is one of my favs because you can throw in WHATEVER veggies you have, top it with ANY protein available and add the carbohydrate source you’re in the mood for (or can get your hands on at the store).

So, this is gonna be a general recipe that you can adapt and you may need to get creative with it depending on what you have available to you!

(My Ideal) Ingredients:
  • 3-4 large heads of garlic
  • 1 medium sweet onion
  • 1 bag of broccoli
  • 1 container of baby bella mushrooms
  • 3-4 large celery stalks
  • 3-4 large carrots
  • 2 zucchini/summer squash
  • 1 can petite diced potatoes
  • Chicken stock and/or Better Than Boullion chicken base
  • Poultry Blend Herbs (fresh rosemary, sage & thyme)
  • Bay leaves
  • Salt & pepper
  • Red Pepper Flakes (if you like a bit of spice!)

Other veggies that have worked well:

  • Asparagus
  • Sweet peppers
  • Potato/Squash
  • Leaks
  1. Sautee garlic and onion together at the bottom of a large pot until soft. You can spray the bottom with a bit of cooking spray and/or add a teeny bit of chicken stock for some moisture.
  2. While garlic and onion soften, cut your HARD veggies (carrots & celery) and add to pot.
  3. Add chicken stock and/or water with Better Than Boullion base to taste. Make sure you leave enough room in your pot so it doesn’t overflow when you add your other desired veggies!
  4. Bring to a boil (this will help soften your harder veggies!)
  5. Bring back down to a simmer and add all other veggies and spices to taste.
  6. Let simmer for ~15-20 min or until you’re ready to eat!

You’ll have to play around with the amount of chicken stock or water & boullion base depending on how big your pot is and how many veggies you want to add!

You can eat this with rice, pasta, air-fried pita chips or any other yummy carb source you have access to! Then, top with protein (shredded chicken, ground beef or turkey, Trader Joe’s Pot Roast, shrimp…you name it!) and enjoy!

4. Team Workouts

If you’re working out from home right now, you’re in the majority! And, you don’t have to lose the community feel of going to your gym or push through a tough workout all alone.

Hop on a Zoom or FaceTime call with some friends and “3,2,1 GO” together!

Better yet, make it a reoccurring workout date that you all commit to for some extra accountability!

Here is our burner from yesterday (compliments of PsyPhy Fitness) if you want to give it a shot. My legs are FEELIN’ it today!

Workout 1

Death by jumping lunges

Start at 10 (every time you jump it’s ONE rep!) and add 2 at the top of each minute.

Rest in the remaining time in your minute

Workout 2

5 rounds for quality

15 push-ups
15 sit-ups

Workout 3

9 min EMOM

Min 1: 30-sec hollow body hold
Min 2: 50 bicycles
Min 3: 50 flutter kicks
*repeat x3 for 9 min total

Begin your movement at the top of each minute.

Rest in the remaining time in your minute

*As per usual, the workouts and ideas I share are aimed to provide inspiration and ideas but may not be right for you and ​shouldn’t be considered a program in any way.  Make sure to consult your doctor or a qualified professional if and when necessary.

Now What (Social Distancing Style)

Remember, just because you’re physically farther away from people doesn’t mean you need to be emotionally cut off as well. This weekend and into next week…

  1. Keep moving your body – Plan the workout you want to do AHEAD of time (and get on a call if you want that extra support and accountability!) so you ACTUALLY do it and keep that routine in your day!
  2. Rely on your friends and family (from afar, if necessary!) – Start a group text, play a round of Psych or set up a call to just chat and catch up.
  3. Try to think about this as a time when you can try something new and spend time getting to know YOURSELF.

Let me know if there is anything that has been working REALLY well for you during this time of social distancing by dropping a comment below!



  1. Brenda says:

    Wonderful ideas Ali! I keep referring back to your old posts for motivation during this weird time and they really help. Love your recipes too – they make a great base when ingredients aren’t available. Made beef stew for the grandfolks last night and the carb shelf was bare so I substituted chicken breast. Go protein!

  2. G Lu says:

    Hey, Ali,
    Your good cheer is tonic. Many thanks!!

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