Pitta, Vata, or Kapha? Which dosha are you? Here are the five beginner habits I'm adding to my routine after learning my dosha and digging into Ayurveda!

Feb 19, 2020

5 Habits I’m Adding after Learning my Dosha

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​You know that saying “you hear what you want to hear” or “you see what you want to see?”

Well, I’ve found that through my life, different things (ideas, people, inspirations) pop up at different times and I hear and see what I need to hear and see, when I need to hear and see them.

Sometimes these things pass quickly and sometimes they stick. And, I’ve found that they stick at just the right times if I’m ready and open for them.

My first introduction to Ayurveda and the three Doshas came when I was working at lululemon YEARS ago and although I found it fascinating, it wasn’t something I was a place to learn more about or really get into. 

Read: I wasn’t open to the universe sending it my way quite yet!

Sure, I took a Dosha quiz and did some googling but I wasn’t ready to really take on any of the lessons, suggestions or habit shifts suggested.

This past week, I listened to Episode 30 of the Wealthy, Worthy, and WILD Podcast hosted by Aime Tollefsrud. She interviewed Lauren Prinvidille, an Ayurveda and yoga specialist from New Jersey now living in Tahiti, all about Ayurveda, doshas and how this can apply to women in business.

And MAN, was I ready and open for it this time!

BACK IT UP…What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is one of the oldest form of health care in the world stemming from India and dating back 5,000 years.

At its core, Ayurveda is a preventative system that encourages awareness and individualization of exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and even partner and career needs based on your dosha. It allows you to take what works and applies to you and leave the rest which is one of the main things that drew me to it this time around. I am ALL about individualization and cultivating self-trust and awareness.

KEEP Backin’ It Up…What are Doshas?

Ayurvedic tradition outlines three doshas comprised of different combinations of the five elements: Earth, Air, Space, Fire and Water.

The three doshas:

Use this cheat sheet from to learn more about which Dosha you may be!
1. Vata: air and space

Vatas are typically creative, flexible and are often described as “free-spirited”. They thrive in more non-traditional jobs where they can create their own schedules. Out of balance, Vata may notice more forgetfulness (“space case”), anxiety and fear. They’re drawn to lighter, sweeter foods like popcorn and chips and prefer exercises like yoga flow or jogging.

They’ll be there to celebrate your birthday with you, but you’ll have to remind them of the party right beforehand.

2. Pitta: fire and water

Pittas are doers. They’re typically organized, in leadership positions and are always go-go-going. Out of balance, pittas may notice more anger, judgement of self and others, impatience and anxiety. They’re drawn to spicier, hotter and more stimulating foods like coffee and chocolate and CRUSH high-intensity exercise.

They’ll be at your birthday party because they wrote it down and set an alarm…otherwise they likely would have forgotten!

3. Kapha: earth and water

Kaphas are grounded, stable, calm and loyal. They’re typically in more nurturing positions like therapy, health care or teaching younger kiddos. Out of balance they may feel stuck/sluggish, jealous, or generally down. They’re drawn to richer, heavier foods like cheese, meats and dense carb sources.

A Kapha will always remember your birthday, no reminders needed! 

You are comprised of all three but in different proportions. So, if you read through them and think “well, I am mostly 2/3,” you’re probably right!

My Dosha

If you’ve been following along this HTYMP journey, you can probably guess exactly where I land: dominantly pitta with a good chunk of Vata thrown in for good measure! Although I like to think of myself as grounded, it does NOT come naturally to me so Kapha is likely my least-present dosha!

I'm a Pitta dosha (surprise, surprise!)

In other words, I can tell you with 100% confidence that I will not remember your birthday unless I’ve known you basically forever 

(and even then, I likely need a reminder). However, I WILL remember to shoot you a HBD text or show up at your party it because Facebook or my calendar told me to!

Balancing doshas comes down to one core principle: like attracts like. So, when your life is feeling out of balance it usually means that focusing on the opposite of what you’re drawn to can help you feel more like yourself again.

If you’re like…great this all sounds like a bunch of woo-woo stuff, TRUST ME, that is what I thought too until listening to this podcast and feeling like Lauren was LEGIT talking TO ME.

She nailed exactly how I feel, the foods I love, the things I’m drawn to when I’m out of balance and the habits, foods, and exercises that bring me BACK into balance when I need it. Plus, Lauren went to the same college as I did so I figured it was fate telling me to try this out! 

I’m going to give it a few months, keep these five habits top of mind and revisit with you at the end of April! ​

The 5 Habits I’m Adding after Learning My Dosha

1. Go to a slow-flow yoga class once a week

Going to yoga is something that has always been on my “want to do regularly” list but I haven’t QUITE gotten around to making it a weekly thing yet. Last week (before listening to this podcast) I committed to doing a flow at home on Thursdays from Yoga Girl‘s Youtube Channel (LOVE Rachel Brathen!) and this week I’m hitting up a class in a local studio! I’m gonna work it into my routine, write it in my planner (#pittalife) so I plan around it and make it happen!

2. Cook with cooling foods

I LOVE me some heat when I cook (read: adding spice to everything!) and gravitate towards those richer chocolatey tastes! And, to help balance my pitta fire I’m going to focus on adding more calming, cool foods and spices to my routine.

This includes foods like whole fruits and veggies, yogurt, whole grains and spices/flavors like cardamom, turmeric, mint, jasmine.

I am happy to say I already crush whole foods and yogurt is a staple in my routine. I also LOVE all of the cooler spices and can’t wait to experiment with them a bit more. As someone who is partially Vata as well, I definitely know I’m drawn to those “snackier” foods that don’t leave me feeling my best. So, I’m going to be more intentional with replacing them with oats or a denser, more nutritious grain!

Remember when I said that Ayurveda is a “take what works for you” kinda situation? That means I’m not going to go overboard with this! I’ll still enjoy some spicy food and DEFINITELY keep chocolate in my routine but stay more mindful of it when I’m feeling like I need more balance in my life!

​3. Tongue scrape ​in the morning

Okay, okay, just hang with me on this one! And, if you read “tongue scraping” and you’re like…this girl is off her rocker…remember that dentists recommend “brushing your tongue” for many of these same reasons! 

When you sleep, bacteria and toxins build up on your tongue. By scraping them off first thing in the morning before eating and drinking anything, you’re getting them OUT of your body instead of re-consuming them when you swallow. It can also help with bad breath and help you taste your food (and be more present with your meals, tastes, and needs!).

Although you can buy a tongue scraper, I just use a clean kitchen spoon! Scrape your tongue from back to front about 7-14 times until you’ve gotten off all the gunk!

4. Get back on the hot lemon water train

Because Pittas are more fiery and naturally higher energy, caffeine can be overstimulating and lead to that out-of-whack feeling.

A few months ago, I shared with you that I had lost my taste for coffee and that it was just making me feel PLAIN OLD WEIRD! And, that may have been my body letting me know that I needed to switch it up! So, I switched to warm lemon water for a while then switched back to coffee when my taste returned…which only lasted for a few weeks! Now, I’m gonna get back on that hot lemon water train because I know it makes me feel more in control and less jittery and anxious throughout the day.

Plus, Ayurveda teaches that starting the day with warm water (after tongue scraping!) is the best way to prime the body and digestive system for the day! Win/win!

5. Add some self-massage

First, I mean…why not?

Second, self-massage with cooling lotions (coconut, neem, sunflower or sesame-based) can help to even out the pitta fire! 

Now What?

1. Cue up this episode of the Wealthy, Worthy and WILD podcast and ENJOY!

2. Find out your prominent dosha by taking a quick online quiz like THIS ONE!

3. Then, try adding one or two habits based on YOUR dosha to see how you feel!

4. Email me if you have any questions or want to share your experience!

5. If you’re a dosha expert already (or, you’ve done some other dosha research) I’d LOVE for you to share some of your favorite resources with me and other readers in the comments below!



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