Although this time in isolation has taught me many things, there are five big themes I’ve learned in quarantine that have shown up over and over again since Day 1… Even if it has taken me a few months to really name them and consider them enough to share. Maybe some of these will hit […]

Let’s talk about social media pressure. The pressure to try harder and be smarter. The pressure to do more. The pressure to BE more than you are right now… Sitting here, reading this post. (News flash: you do not need to be any more than you are right this second!) You probably came across this […]

We’re still in a weird time. We’re navigating time in isolation as we look into the future with uncertainty and, if you’re like me, a whole lotta hope. I’ve been working from home for YEARS so you’d think that this would be a relatively easy transition. But not being “allowed” to leave and work from […]

*Adapted from THIS Instagram post! Being vs. Doing Here’s the thing…I am all about checklists and to-dos. I’m about seizing the day and taking advantage of the time I have. Clearly, right? I’ve been sharing tips and tricks about how to have fun at home, crush home workouts and other favorites to keep you occupied […]

So many of us are stuck at home right now. And, whenever I read tips about what NOT to do when writing a blog post, there is one thing that always catches my eye and makes me cringe. Everyone says not to make posts SUPER specific to a certain time so that it is relatable […]

Have you ever found yourself looking at old pictures, comparing your present self to your past self – your then to your now – and feeling like there is something wrong with your current body, season or even your current goals? You’re no longer lean enough, strong enough, successful enough, cool enough… You’re no longer […]

Who’s on your home team? This is an important question to ask yourself for a few reasons: First off, when you know who is on your home team you know who you can call. These are your middle-of-the-night, no-shame-quadruple-text, I-didn’t-clean-the-house-before-you-come-over-because-I-know-you-literally-don’t-care-what-it-looks-like kind of people. They’re the friends who grab a glass of water without asking (plus, […]

Get Your Nike On… …And JUST DO IT. If you’ve been following along with this whole website switch, you know that I took last Wednesday off from posting because I was the copy-paste queen for the week. I switched to a WordPress blog (hosted through Showit, my new fav platform!) from a much smaller hosting […]

Motivation MIA? Can’t figure out how to stay motivated? I didn’t feel like writing this blog post. Here are a few things I’d rather be doing: Going for another walk in the sun with Lincoln because it is 50 and sunny in VT right now…in FEBRUARY Watching sailing videos on youtube with Sam (our current obsession) Drinking tea and reading […]

The way we engage with social media is like fire. You can use it to keep yourself warm and nourished or you can burn down the barn. It all depends on your intentions, expectations and reality-checking skills.”​~ Brene Brown The Power of Hitting Unfollow I spent a solid chunk of time yesterday unfollowing Instagram accounts. […]

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