Curious about how alcohol impacts your health, performance, body comp, and how you can enjoy a drink or two while crushin’ your goals? I’ve got you covered;) ‘Tis the season of Truly, White Claw, white wine spritzers, and hard cider – I’m not a beer girl, can you tell?! No matter what your go-to drink […]

You probably need to drink more water… …Especially now that most of us are heading into warmer spring and summer months, hydration is something we have to keep top of mind. So, after two SOLID weekend days of sunny and 75-degree weather here in Vermont, I’ve decided that this week I’m doin’ a little throwback […]

Welcome to the third installment of the macronutrient trilogy – we’re talking ALL about healthy fats! Over the past few weeks, we did a deep dive into the role of both protein and carbohydrates in your body, where you can find them and other macro-specific tips and tricks. It wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t […]

We’re continuing our deeper dive into nutrition this week and chatting all about carbs (carbohydrates)! We tackled protein last week and we may as well keep it goin’, right? I gave a general overview of carbohydrates in the article What is “Counting Macros” Anyway but today we’re going into more detail and covering… The role […]

Okay, we’re switching gears to nutrition today after all the COVID/FEELINGS talk and chatting all about protein. Let’s be honest, I’ll probably still talk about feelings at some point cause you know, I’m me… but I definitely want to reel it in and make sure I’m still serving those of you who are thinking “I’m […]

Need some home workout inspiration? Sure, I could make the picture for this post something staged and fancy but let’s be honest, home workouts look a LOT more like this… Dog on your chest, licking off your sweat as you finish up your last rep. Or, giving zero F’s about the space you need to […]

So many of us are stuck at home right now. And, whenever I read tips about what NOT to do when writing a blog post, there is one thing that always catches my eye and makes me cringe. Everyone says not to make posts SUPER specific to a certain time so that it is relatable […]

It has been 50-60 degrees and Sunny here in VT over the last few days. So it may seem strange that I chose to write about seasonal depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder this week. But here is the thing… Nothing reminds me how much I prefer the sun and warmth to the winter more than […]

​You know that saying “you hear what you want to hear” or “you see what you want to see?” Well, I’ve found that through my life, different things (ideas, people, inspirations) pop up at different times and I hear and see what I need to hear and see, when I need to hear and see them. Sometimes these things pass […]

The Truth About PMS Cravings If you know anything about me, you know that I will pick chocolate over gummies 11/10 times, I’ll  NEVER turn down flourless chocolate cake and that chocolate chips are a staple in my daily routine. So, when my cycle rolls around I’ve DEFINITELY been known to use it as an […]

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