HAPPY FRIDAY!! This was such a refreshing week full of long walks in the sunshine, time on the water and forms of hydration that are only possible when it is 75+ and sunny! I hope you had a good one too and I can’t wait to share the things that brought a little extra joy […]

Happy Friday! It was 70+ and sunny EVERY day this week which means I was on Cloud 9! I find that when I’m ALREADY in a great mood, it is a million and a half times easier to think of favorites so this list could have gone on forever. But, in the interest of saving […]

Guys, I literally don’t know what happened! It was a Sunday, I was lying on the couch with my computer in my lap and a sleepy pup with his head on my shoulder and I realized that I never wrote a Friday Favorites post for the week. I blame favorites #1 and #2 (see below!) […]

It is the FIRST DAY of May! It is a little rainy here in VT but I’ll take it on a Friday since it is supposed to be 65 and sunny tomorrow. The plan? Lots of deck time with my new book. Jury is still out as to whether it will make Friday Favorites NEXT […]

Sounder Soundcloud just wasn’t doin’ it anymore for me when it came to hosting the audio for the healthythankyoumoreplease BLOGcast. Is that the podcast lingo? “Hosting audio”? I’m honestly not sure (read: continuing to fake it till I make it on the whole BLOGcast thing). Here is how it works: When you want to get […]

As tough as isolation has been, it has opened my eyes to a lot of new things. Whether it is a new passion or a reinforced value the focus on grace, space, and connection right now has created an opportunity for all of us to get to know ourselves better…even if it is just a […]

Happy Friday! I thought it was Tuesday on Monday so that is the kinda week it has been over here. Definitely not bad, just felt longer than usual. Maybe it’s because Sam’s birthday is TOMORROW and we’re both super excited to celebrate with some homemade sourdough and his dinner request – pulled pork nachos. What […]

Happy Friday! Can Friday Favorites be a Friday Favorite? I’m thinking probably if I had thought of it sooner but TBH, I write the intros for these posts AFTER listing my favs and telling you a bit more about why they played a positive role in my week. If I could (I mean I could…but […]

Happy Friday, friends! I’ve been especially grateful for my Friday Favorites practice this week because it bascially requires me to be looking for positivity in my life all week long. Who doesn’t need a bit more of that right now? I’m also so grateful I can share some of the things that stand out to […]

I’m sure the whole social distancing thing is basically all you think about right now so I’m not gonna harp on it. That being said, if you’re like me Friday Favorites could not come at a better time. We all need a little bit more good in our lives right now. When things feel uncertain, […]

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