Want to start a blog, podcast, or email list? Here are my top tech takeaways for beginners so you can keep it simple and continue to find, develop, and trust your voice. When we started this healthythankyoumoreplease journey, I told you I wanted to share about the blogging process as I learned more about it. […]

I’ve added a new page to healthythankyoumoreplease with an HTYMP required reading list, my 2020 reading goals and more! Why? Because I’m a book nerd and it’s time it really starts to show and shine;) Because it is a huge part of my life, it is only natural that they also show up on this […]

This whole imposter syndrome thing has kind of come full circle. Actually, I guess “full circle” isn’t the best way to describe it since that would imply an ending. Let’s be real, imposter syndrome isn’t going anywhere and I’ve officially decided that I’m okay with it. Think about imposter syndrome like this: If creativity and […]

Get Your Nike On… …And JUST DO IT. If you’ve been following along with this whole website switch, you know that I took last Wednesday off from posting because I was the copy-paste queen for the week. I switched to a WordPress blog (hosted through Showit, my new fav platform!) from a much smaller hosting […]

Are you a beginner blogger or are you creating a website for your business? Are you a photographer? Fitness and nutrition coach? Are you selling products or services online?

No matter who you are or what you do, keyword research for blog posts, sites and content is just that: KEY to success.

If you’re a blogging beginner and you’re letting tech paralyze you, I’ve been there!

“Um…I don’t have a full-time photographer following me around! WHAT THE HECK IS CODING ANYWAY?”

Thoughts like this killing your writing vibe? I’ve got you!

Start Small for Success First of all, THANK YOU to every single person who is reading this. And, double thank you if you reached out and/or spread the word about my first post last Monday. Your support literally means the world. It is funny, I’ve read “thank you’s” from other bloggers to their growing communities (it […]

This is my first post and MAN, this whole blogging thing is already harder than expected. Read: Imposter syndrome has hit hard and isn’t ready to let go.

elt like I had so many things to say until I committed to deadlines (Monday’s and Friday’s, people! Hold me to it!) and then I sat down to write and my mind went blank…well, for a second at least…

and still wanna keep up with All things htymp?

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