As tough as isolation has been, it has opened my eyes to a lot of new things. Whether it is a new passion or a reinforced value the focus on grace, space, and connection right now has created an opportunity for all of us to get to know ourselves better…even if it is just a […]

Welcome to the third installment of the macronutrient trilogy – we’re talking ALL about healthy fats! Over the past few weeks, we did a deep dive into the role of both protein and carbohydrates in your body, where you can find them and other macro-specific tips and tricks. It wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t […]

Happy Friday! I thought it was Tuesday on Monday so that is the kinda week it has been over here. Definitely not bad, just felt longer than usual. Maybe it’s because Sam’s birthday is TOMORROW and we’re both super excited to celebrate with some homemade sourdough and his dinner request – pulled pork nachos. What […]

We’re still in a weird time. We’re navigating time in isolation as we look into the future with uncertainty and, if you’re like me, a whole lotta hope. I’ve been working from home for YEARS so you’d think that this would be a relatively easy transition. But not being “allowed” to leave and work from […]

We’re continuing our deeper dive into nutrition this week and chatting all about carbs (carbohydrates)! We tackled protein last week and we may as well keep it goin’, right? I gave a general overview of carbohydrates in the article What is “Counting Macros” Anyway but today we’re going into more detail and covering… The role […]

Happy Friday! Can Friday Favorites be a Friday Favorite? I’m thinking probably if I had thought of it sooner but TBH, I write the intros for these posts AFTER listing my favs and telling you a bit more about why they played a positive role in my week. If I could (I mean I could…but […]

Okay, we’re switching gears to nutrition today after all the COVID/FEELINGS talk and chatting all about protein. Let’s be honest, I’ll probably still talk about feelings at some point cause you know, I’m me… but I definitely want to reel it in and make sure I’m still serving those of you who are thinking “I’m […]

I’ve added a new page to healthythankyoumoreplease with an HTYMP required reading list, my 2020 reading goals and more! Why? Because I’m a book nerd and it’s time it really starts to show and shine;) Because it is a huge part of my life, it is only natural that they also show up on this […]

Happy Friday, friends! I’ve been especially grateful for my Friday Favorites practice this week because it bascially requires me to be looking for positivity in my life all week long. Who doesn’t need a bit more of that right now? I’m also so grateful I can share some of the things that stand out to […]

*Adapted from THIS Instagram post! Being vs. Doing Here’s the thing…I am all about checklists and to-dos. I’m about seizing the day and taking advantage of the time I have. Clearly, right? I’ve been sharing tips and tricks about how to have fun at home, crush home workouts and other favorites to keep you occupied […]

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