You're busy, I'm busy and it is SO easy to overcomplicate healtH. 

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my mission

Overcomplicating is the fastest way to give up before getting to the good stuff.

I mean, how often have you read a blog article or instagram post and thought to yourself "that sounds great but where do I even start?" "how does a normal living human have time to do ALL of these things?" or "why bother if I can't do it all?"

If your answer is "on the reg", you're not alone. 

If your answer is "Never! I have tons of time to meal prep perfectly portioned meals, plan three dates a week with my partner, follow a strict skin regiment, follow 9 workout routines and implement 12 new healthy habits at once and look great doin' it" you're lying. Or, you're Beyonce. Either one. But I have a sneaky feeling Beyonce isn't reading my blog... a girl can dream, though.

I am not here to revolutionize health, share perfect answers or tell you exactly what to do. 

I am here to share what has allowed me - a real-life, busy girl - to simplify my health so I can spend more time unapologetically chasing the things I am passionate about. ​

So, who am I, anyway?

​If you've already read about the HTYMP story, you know a little bit more about where the name healthythankyoumoreplease comes from. And, you may (or, may not?) be wondering more about me, who I am, where I came from and why I might have some things to say you enjoy, learn from or connect with. ​

My name is Ali and I'm a 20-something born, raised and still living in Vermont with my fiancé Sam and our German Shorthaired Pointer, Lincoln. I am obsessed with all things dark chocolate, (re)reading Harry Potter books, eating all of my simple (but delicious) of my meals out of bowls and I would be EXTREMELY lost without my weekly planner.

Getting outside puts me in my happy place - from hiking to snowshoeing to paddle boarding. We get all four seasons FULL FORCE here in VT which is a blessing (when it is 75 and sunny in the summer or peak foliage season in the fall) and a curse (when it is the dead of winter, freezing and my car won't start).

If you told me when I was growing up that I would be coaching nutrition and CrossFit, and doing yoga on the reg I wouldn't have believed you. I used to be the girl who lied to her mom about going to the gym, sat in the car for an hour and then thought I fooled her when I splashed some water on my face and pinched my cheeks before walking back into the house. I also used to be the girl who lived off 100 calorie snack packs and sugar free products on the reg.

If you read "I was living off of carrots Fiber One brownies (as long as I was under 1200 calories a day!)" and thought to yourself, "shoot, that's me!" first of all, THAT IS OKAY! That is what so many of us have been taught to believe. Second of all, thats what I'm here for!

I started falling in love with fitness and nutrition a bit later in life (think, mid-college years) and count myself extremely lucky to have found these passions when I did.

After a rough first year of undergrad, I transferred home to the University of Vermont where I experienced what many women go through around this time of life: I was being bombarded with images of what I "should" look like and followed whatever shiny diet trend was on the front page of the gym's year-old magazines.

​I was exercising too much, not eating enough and I really, truly thought I was doing everything right. I was living off of carrots and Fiber One brownies (as long as I stayed under 1200 calories a day!) and thought I was "healthy". Deep down I knew that something was off. I was sad, stressed and constantly worried about my body.

a little bit



I've Got You

There is no such thing as perfect balance because life and passions are always changing. that is what makes it beautiful, right?


I am here to remind you that we're all human... AKA - we all screw up sometimes and are mostly faking it till we make it. Newsflash: faking it is a pre- requisit to making it.

​All-in-all, my life has been a crazy mismatch of passions, lessons and opportunities that have lead me right here, to this moment, trying to get down on paper (or, on laptop?) this simple fact: 

In 2013, a friend dragged me into a CrossFit gym. There, I found a brand new world of people who focused more on what their bodies could do than what they looked like. They trained because they had FUN (what! Exercise could be FUN?!) and enjoyed pushing their limits. They fueled because they wanted to not only perform at their best, but also feel their best for whatever passions they chased outside of the gym. I began to learn more about fitness, nutrition, mindset and the all-encompassing world of "health" and never looked back. 

Through college, I worked at lululemon athletica where my initial yoga-interest peaked although it wouldn't become a full-blown passion until years later. This is also where I learned more about leadership, communication and goal setting than I ever could have hoped for.

Now I work remotely for a nutrition coaching company while coaching CrossFit, developing my yoga practice, growing healthythankyoumoreplease and sharing my experiences, learnings and voice with you. 

And here is what I've learned. It is common to feel stuck before starting any kind of lifestyle change for a few reasons: 

1) There is an underlying belief and message that we're only doing this whole health thing right if everything is perfectly "balanced". 

2)  The unrealistic expectations of perfection or the misconception that health involves extreme time and effort. As a recovering perfectionist, I know this one firsthand.


- Bachelor of Arts in English Literature
- Master of Science in Nutrition & Human Performance
- Precision Nutrition L1 Certified
- Working Against Gravity Nutrition Coach Certification
- NCI Hormone Specialist L1 Certified
- NCI Women's Health Masterclass
- CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
- CrossFit Gymnastics Certified
- CrossFit Mobility Certified



all the 

blogging stuff?


When I started healthythankyoumoreplease, I thought my ONLY focus was going to be health and wellness. But as I dove into the blogging world, I realized it could be much more.

No matter what, my focus is sharing actionable and realistic nutrition, fitness and mindset tips for busy people (like you) so you have more time to get after the things in your life that light your soul on fire. Maybe that means spending more time outside. Or more time with your your kids, your dogs or your plants.

You do you.

But maybe the thing that you want more time for is finding a platform (blogging, anyone?) to cultivate YOUR voice and share YOUR story. So, I decided to expand my mission a bit to include sharing the nitty gritty things I learn about blogging... and myself, in the process!


So, HTYMP Will also Share what I learn as a I build a blog so you can follow along if it happens to be a platform you're interested in.


                 sharing what you think and believe (in a coherent, relatable way) on a platform that anyone can find with a question and internet connection feels like those nightmares when you show up to school in your underwear.



                 there are SO many things to learn as you go and it can be incredibly overwhelming. LUCKILY (for you) I had basically no experience with coding, hosting, SEO or any of the other scary blogging words when I started. But, I did have Google. And now, you have me.



                 this world opens you up to a WHOLE lotta imposter syndrome, comparison and wondering if you're "doing it right" or how to "do it better". 



blogging felt extremely hard in the beginning.

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